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Clip Art Artist, Digitizers, Those that need a place to showcase your products. Plb Designs is taking new applications. Room available immediately !! So send me a note telling me about yourself and what you would like and I will get you started Asap
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Want to become a PLB Artist? Are you a passionate digitizer who's looking for a special place to sell your designs? What about a Clip Artist? This may be for you. Click below on the black tab at the very bottom. Follow the link there to tell us more about yourself !

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Due to the electronic nature of the product and the possibility of easy reproduction, refunds are not offered. But, should you have any problems downloading your purchases, receive an incorrect file or damaged file, please contact us immediately and we will assist you as soon as possible .

Welcome to Plb Designs

Welcome to Plb Designs new site.  There is always a lot in getting a new site up and running, and behind the scenes that is exactly what I am doing..  Once I get it where I want it when you purchase a design I will give you a design free.  It will be a design that is Not on the site.  It is already set to get a free design when you join as a Member.  Membership is Free, with a forum for your use.  You can make comments, ask questions, meet new friends, share ideas that you have etc.  You do have to be a Member of the site to use the forum.

I have changed the way the formats work.  Instead of giving you all formats you now can choose only the format that you need for your brand of Machine.  Now you only have to get what you need instead of getting them all !  I think this will be much easier for you in the long run.  Look around and rejoin us if you choose, or if this is your first visit come on in and join us and lets have a great time. ! 

Another think to look at, is the 'Stores'  The 'Stores' are actually stores other than mine that you can visit, and purchase others products.  Be sure to check them out!!

Look forward to seeing you in and about the site  !!

Plb Designs ~ Your Free Embroidery Resource

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Be sure to visit other areas of our site and don't forget the Forum!  Post a message if you are a member and tell us what you would like to see, ask any questions that you need answered etc..  We do look forward to hearing from you.

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Plb Designs ~ Your Free Embroidery Resource

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Want to become a PLB Artist?
Are you a passionate digitizer who's looking for a special place to sell your designs? This may be for you. Click here to tell us more about yourself!

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