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Plb Designs ~ Your Free Embroidery Resource
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Welcome to Plb Designs

Welcome to Plb Designs new site.  We have brought you a more responsive site and a cart like no other around with seamless transitions.  The forum is here for your use, but you Must be a Member to use it.  All you need to do is sign up which is no biggie.  Please be sure your signup is accurate due to if I need to resend you your password or something else, I can find your record in the database.  With that said:

To:  Belle Jolle Customers:  you must sign up again here as your membership did not follow over.  The database is different and so your registrations were not compatible.  Sorry for the inconvience, but please do resign up again.  We look forward to having you here

New designs are coming as I am reworking many, and it is just a slow process to get them done and up.  Be sure to check back often. 

Designs that are decided to be free are not in a separate category of their own.  They are intermixed through out the store, so it might take a little bit to find them but I am sure you will. 

I am glad to have you here, look around and rejoin us if you choose, or if this is your first visit come on in and join us and lets have a great time. ! 

Belle Jolle and Plb Designs are merged as one now, so welcome to all the former members.  You will need to resign up for your membership did not carry over. If you look at the top catagory of Stores you will see three different vendors here and you can visit each person you choose to find their designs.  You will also find them throughout the store as well.

Here's hoping that you find all your embroidery needs that you seek !!

Plb Designs ~ Your Free Embroidery ResourcePlb Designs ~ Your Free Embroidery Resource

Newest Designs

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#60 PetitFlowerCoasters-4x4-FCD

#55 PLBH0257
$3.00 Now: $1.00

#25 PLB0095
$6.95 Now: $0.50